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Our Cuisine:

Avra is inspired by the seaside tavernas dotted all over Greece’s coast and its more than 200 islands. Our chic restaurants serve unadulterated cuisine where olive oil and sea salt, pristine seafood and vegetables are the stars.

Many of our recipes hail from our cofounder Nick Tsoulos and have been passed down in his family over generations.

The menu offers endless iterations of fresh fish- familiar favorites such as branzino and black sea bass as well rarer Mediterranean gems like fagri, lithrini and wild branzino. Picking your seafood from our ice display that features in-season catch is a signature part of the Avra experience.

Imagine carpaccios garnished with nothing more than micro-herbs and olive oil, ceviche with gigante beans and whole fish grilled over charcoal or baked in salt. 

Vegetables and cheeses play a big role: in salads such as the classic horiatiki with plump tomatoes, crisp cucumbers and creamy feta and in cooked dishes like spinach rice and baked saganaki cheese.

Traditional Greek and Mediterranean desserts-- olive oil and walnut cakes, baklava and custard --are baked in-house daily. And our French vanilla ice cream flecked with Tahitian vanilla beans is a bestseller in all our locations. 

Our Ingredients

The cuisine at Avra is only as good as our ingredients. Our sourcing is everything. 

Most of the items in our kitchens are from artisanal producers in Greece and throughout the Mediterranean. We also rely on local purveyors. 

Our network of fishermen in Southern Europe brings us the best seafood they can get their hands on—most of it wild-caught and flown into us throughout the week. Our branzino is from Southern Spain, fagri is from the Aegean Sea and Dover sole from the waters of the North Sea. The lamb for our chops is from Australia and the cuts of beef from small ranches around the United States. 

We travel to family farms in the Peloponnese for our wild-grown oregano and fruity olive oil that’s a staple in almost every dish and rely on cheese producers in the mountains of Greece for our saganaki, halloumi and feta. 

The search for quality never stops: our founders are always scouting the world to find the highest caliber products available on the market.